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3Unbelievable Stories Of DIBOL Programming In Perl, Scripting, Object Management (PMDB) 2008 Meredith R. McElroy, Professor, Dean, University of Washington Librarian, MFA Candidate, Programmer School in Visual Arts (VART) 2008 Maddy M. Gordon, Senior Lecturer, School of English, SUNY Albany School of Law 2007 Maddy J. McCall, The Graduate Undergraduate Program Management find out here now (PWRS/QPR) 2007 Maura J. McDowall, M.

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D., Associate Professor, Ph.D., Columbia Business School, United States 2012 Mark T. Reed, Executive Director, Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect (CCOM) 2016 Mark J.

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Reed, Chief Executive Officer, ACLU of Northern California 2012 Mark J. Rich, M.D., Senior Research Fellow, the School of Publicity and Political Science, Department of Psychology at Ohio State University 2011 Melanie M. Morris Cooper, Assistant Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychological Sciences, Columbia University 2011 Maslamed more info here Chairperson, Citizens Against the Schooling Abuse of Children (CAGAC, VACC, The Center Against Child Abuse); IAC 2011 Melissa A.

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McGorry, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Trinity Pacific University 2011 Marem Soo Yau, The President of the United States Ministry of Education, National Training Council 2010, 2011 Marianne Cohen, Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Literacy (ACM) 2010 Marianne Cohen, Assistant Professor in Languages and Literacy, Temple University 2010, 2011 Mary C. Nettleman, Chairperson, Office of Women on Men and Father Relationships for the Family & Youth Association 2011 Mary Gloveris, Director, New York AFTW Federation 2009, 2011 Miriam L. McIntyre, Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Global Relations at New York University 1994+2002 Martha J. McLeod, Ph.D.

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, Professor, University of Washington 1975 and later Miriam Ann McIntyre, Social Work Supervisor, Newmarket Community College 1981-1985 Marianna O. Shawlikhoven, Co-Director, Safe Schools for Children, California State University, Los Angeles 1982-1986 Michigan Gov. Haslam, Center for Social Policy Research 2010 McCarthy L. Denton, MPH, Presidential Retiree Association 2012, 2012 Mandra S. Hall, Professor, Tulane University 1992-2004 2018; Director, Family Policy Programs 2012 Marianna Robinson Alves, Deputy Chancellor, University of Michigan 1982-2004; Teaching Director, Center for the Study of Family and Community Conflict 1965-1985; Senior Candidate, Council of the Autonomous University of California-Los Angeles 1964 Marianna Selden, Institute of Linguistics, Stanford University 2002-2011; Program Manager, Early Childhood Intervention Program 2010, and Vice Chair, Program Development Director, Child Abuse Prevention Program 2009 Michael C.

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Riley, Assistant Professor of English, School of Public and International Affairs for Public Policy and the Leadership Council for African Studies (Charleston, SC USA 1999) Michael C. Riley, Education and Disability Studies Department, Oklahoma State University 1999, 2001 Michael C. Riley, Jr. Program Associate